Estate Lawyers of Edmonton

If you need an estate lawyer, we really can help.

Estate lawyers are the men and women lawyers of Edmonton, Alberta who deal with wills, estates, and probate matters.

With over 50 lawyers at our firm and many decades of experience, we are a leading law firm in western Canada.  Any one of the 10 or so lawyers in our Estate Department can handle all of your estate, estate planning and probate lawyer requirements.

We can help you decide if you need to make a will, a living will or a power of attorney.  These are all documents that can be a part of the estate planning process.  We will help you be aware of the tax consequences of certain actions.

If you have been appointed an executor in another person’s will – you should speak with a lawyer.  Maybe you need to make an application for probate.  Again, we can help!

Or maybe someone has died and you are not sure what to do. Again, you should obtain legal advice.  We have the experience.

Finally, if you think that something inappropriate has taken place, or that you have been wrongfully cut out of the will, or if there is an executor who is not doing their job, then call us and we will review the situation and provide you with our professional legal opinion as to what steps can be taken to correct the situation.

Whatever your will, estate, estate planning or probate requirements – call us today for an experienced and confidential discussion of what we can do for you.  That’s the best thing you can do.

We are your Edmonton estate lawyers.