Estate Litigation Edmonton

It is sometimes necessary to contest, challenge or seek clarification of a will. Other times, there is no will and it becomes necessary to mount a legal challenge.  These situations are sometimes known as “estate litigation”. If you are involved, or about to get involved, in litigation regarding a will or an estate – call one of our lawyers and get some advice.

We can help you. Or if you feel you are being treated unfairly, or harshly in the administration of an estate – again, call one of our lawyers and talk about it.  We can help you. Here are some of the situations that can give rise to disputed wills:

  • If a will was changed to obviously benefit one family member.
  • If a will has been written on.
  • If the original copy of the will cannot be found.
  • If there is more than one will.
  • If what the deceased person “said” is different than what the will says.
  • If there are people who have been disinherited or cut out of the will.
  • If there has been remarriage since the making of a will.
  • If someone is alleging fraud or collusion.
  • If there has been, or may have been, undue influence or pressure placed upon a the person around the time that they made their will?
  • Blackmail.
  • If there are concerns about the failing mental health of the person who made the will i.e. did they really know what they were doing?  Were they really of “sound mind”?
  • Was it a home-made will?
  • Concerns about the validity of a will due to the failing mental health of the person who made the will.  Were they really of :sound mind”?  Were they pressured or manipulated into doing certain things?
  • If a will is missing.
  • If there are more than one will.
  • Situations where an executor has been negligent in the carrying of their duties, especially where unreasonable delay has taken place.
  • Where an executor fails to take care of taxes owing by a deceased person, or their estate.
  • Where an executor refuses to account to those they are supposed to account to.

There are many other situations that can lead to litigation in estate matters.  Estate litigation is difficult without an experienced lawyer on your side.