Probate Forms in Alberta.

Probate forms in Edmonton and indeed all of Alberta are itemized in the Surrogate Rules section of the Alberta Rules of Court.  There are over 100 Surrogate Rules.  In accordance with Rule 9 the Forms are found in Schedule 3. Here is a partial listing only of the various Forms that can (or must) be used, depending on the particular situation:

  • NC 1 Application by the personal representative(s) for a grant of probate
  • NC 2 Affidavit by the personal representative(s) on application for a grant of probate
  • NC 3  Schedule 1 Deceased
  • NC 4  Schedule 2 Will
  • NC 5 Schedule 3 Personal Representative
  • NC 6 Schedule 4  Beneficiaries
  • NC 7 Schedule 5  Inventory of property and debts
  • NC 8 Affidavit of witness to a will
  • NC 9 Affidavit of handwriting of deceased
  • NC 12 Renunciation of probate
  • NC 14 Renunciation of administration with will annexed
  • NC 17 Affidavit to dispense with bond
  • NC 19 Notice to beneficiaries (residuary)
  • NC 20 Notice to beneficiaries (non residuary)
  • NC 22 Notice to spouse of deceased (Matrimonial Property Act)
  • NC 23 Notice to spouse/adult interdependent partner of deceased (Dependants Relief Act)
  • NC 24 Notice to a dependent child of the deceased (Dependants Relief Act)
  • NC 24.1 Notice to the Public Trustee
  • NC 25 Affidavit regarding missing or unknown beneficiaries
  • NC 27 Affidavit of service

The rules, forms and procedures used for Probate Applications are one area where it is extremely helpful to enlist the help of an estate lawyer.